Making vehicles cleaner, greener and more efficient

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Lighter, Smaller, More Efficient

Ashwoods Electric Motors designs and manufactures smaller, lighter and more efficient permanent magnet electric motors for the automotive, materials handling and off highway vehicle markets.

The high efficiency of permanent magnet electric motors enables a vehicle to travel further on a single charge. Working closely with transmission manufacturers, Ashwoods is able to offer complete solutions.

Customers include the likes of Morgan, McLaren, Caterpillar, and Tata Motors.

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Better Drivers

Lightfoot is a world beating connected car technology with real-time feedback to help drivers find their sweet spot and drive more efficiently. 

This results in better fuel economy, fewer harmful emissions, and up to 50% fewer accidents while allowing good drivers to compete in leagues, win prizes and save money.

Already used by some of the UK's leading commercial fleets, Lightfoot is launching a consumer version of its technology in 2017.

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