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Already well-established in the fleet sector, Lightfoot® combines in-car, real-time, voice feedback with Formula 1 style engine data analytics. The results are over 20% fuel saving and up to 60% reduction in accidents.

It has been described as the gamification of driving as drivers want, rather than resent, its presence. In the same way that fitness technology now allows improvements in performance to be measured, shared and compared, Lightfoot® encourages better driving through positive, shareable, feedback.

In 2016 Lightfoot® will launch to private motorists and we believe this will change both the automotive and the insurance markets. Insurance companies will purchase Lightfoot® for young drivers as part of their insurance policy, experienced drivers will purchase Lightfoot® in order to reduce fuel bills and to demonstrate their driving ability to themselves, their insurers and their peers. At the end of 2015 we launch the Lightfoot® Dash Cam. It will be the smallest, sleekest, quickest install and lowest cost HD vehicle camera on the market.

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New @Lightfoot_UK in-vehicle option for @Activa_UK fleet customers can cut accident rates by up to 60%... https://t.co/taFBYH74Ub
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Ashwoods Electric Motors

Our electric propulsion technology can already be found in of Hybrid and Electric vehicles in more than 14 countries - from sports cars and go-karts to forklifts. 70% smaller, 70% lighter and 20% cheaper than motors of comparable power.

This market is growing rapidly. We supply to major manufacturers such as Tata Motors - initially low-volume, high-margin with technical support - then at high volume as vehicles move into production. Production runs typically run for five to ten years.

A £1.2 million grant from the UK Government (Regional Growth Fund) has been secured to help fund a new manufacturing facility - ensuring that as manufacturers move to the next generation electric motors and away from the old, the heavy and the inefficient, we will be ready to meet that demand.

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